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P R O J E C T 1 0 0 W – Female all-mountain
Exactly the same model as Project 100, but built with lighter and softer wood core, adjusted for lighter skiers. In other words, all mountain skis for the entire mountain custom built for female riders without sacrificing any performance. The female construction has proven to be great and the largest Swedish ski magazine Åka Skidor picked the Project 100 Woman as an obvious winner in the category All-mountain skis for females 2013.

P R O J E C T 1 0 0 – Scandinavian all-mountain
”Praised as the best all-mountain ski that Åka Skidor has ever tested, and that says a lot.” (test review on Project 100, Åka Skidor #6 2012). Simply optimal all-mountain skis for demanding Scandinavian conditions that work on icy slopes, windpacked, powder or spring snow! The elliptic tip and tail rocker adds floatation in the soft snow, at the same time as it becomes easy to ski on the hard packed. The construction with a birch or poplar wood core, reinforced with double layers of titanal and dampening rubber membranes makes the skis stable and the skier confident.